I had a false alarm, what should I do?

False alarms can generally be placed in two categories, human and mechanical error. Instruct your alarm users to the correct procedure for your alarm and what to do in the event of a false alarm. For users of a monitoring company, a false alarm must be canceled through the monitoring company (contact your company for their procedure). If an alarm is canceled prior to police arriving on the scene, you will not be charged for the false alarm. Alarms require maintenance from time to time and, unfortunately, you may not be aware that your alarm needs servicing until you have a false alarm.

If you experience a false alarm due to a mechanical problem, have your system serviced, and submit a copy of the repair paperwork to Police Records; your false alarm will be removed from your record. Summonses are time-sensitive, so systems must be repaired immediately so as not to incur court costs. It is our goal that alarm users maintain their alarms so as not to incur fines, and use the alarms correctly to keep people and property secure.

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