PSE&G 2021 / 2022 Gas System Modernization Program

Current Status

PSE&G has completed the gas system upgrades in several neighborhoods and in Spring 2022 PSE&G will restore the roads with permanent paving.  

Project Overview

Public Service Enterprise Group (PSE&G) is working on a statewide initiative to replace old gas pipes with new piping. Multiple streets in Princeton will be part of this project, beginning in the Riverside neighborhood in spring 2021. This program will improve the overall gas system. PSE&G will be sending out letters to residents who will be affected by this project.  A virtual public information center with PSE&G was held on February 25, 2021.  PSE&G will be presenting Phase 1 and Phase 2 to Council in February.

PSE&G has made a decision to defer all Phase 2 work in Princeton until 2022. Due to the significant amount of uprates identified, PSE&G is reevaluating and assessing whether they should replace or uprate the existing main.

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Register for the workshop by sending an email to  and provide your name and address with Princeton Workshop in the subject line on or before February 24th , 2021.  

If you should have any other questions regarding the virtual workshop please call  PSE&G at 1-833- 661-6400 or email  PSE&G at