Master Plan

2023 Princeton Master Plan + Reexamination Report

Adopted - November 30, 2023

2023 Princeton Master Plan and Reexamination Report (PDF)

2023 Princeton Master Plan and Reexamination Report Appendices (PDF)

2023 Princeton Master Plan Individual Elements

1.0 Introduction and Statement of Objectives, Principles, Assumptions, Policies, and Standards (PDF)

2.0 Land Use Plan (PDF)

3.0 Mobility Plan (PDF)

4.0 Utility Plan and Municipal Stormwater Management Plan (PDF)

5.0 Community Facilities Plan (PDF)
6.0 Conservation Open Space and Recreation Plan (PDF)

7.0 Economic Development Plan (PDF)

8.0 Historic Preservation Plan (PDF)
9.0 Reexamination Report (PDF)

10.0 Relationship To Other Plans (PDF)



11.1 Community Survey #1 Report (PDF)

11.Community Survey #2 Report (PDF)

11.3 Open House #1 Report (PDF)

11.4 Economic Analysis and Recommendations (PDF)

11.5 Bike Network Description (PDF)

11.6 Stormwater Control Ordinance #2020-38 (PDF)

11.7 Stormwater Control Ordinance #2022-05 (PDF)
8 Recreation and Open Space Inventory ROSI (PDF)

11.9 Adopting Resolution (PDF)

2020 Amended Housing Plan Element and Fair Share Plan - Third Round (PDF) 

2020 Green Building and Environmental Sustainability Element (PDF)

Compressed Version of the 2023 Princeton Master Plan and Reexamination Report (PDF): The file size is much smaller than the original though quality of maps and images is diminished.

Previous Reexamination Reports

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