Planning Department

The Planning Department is the support staff to the Planning Board, Mayor, and Council of Princeton. It is the primary goal of the Planning Department to preserve and, where possible, enrich the sense of community in Princeton by:

  1. Processing land use applications in accordance with state and local regulations and to assure that all permitted development is designed to be as harmonious as possible with the surrounding neighborhood
  2. ‍Preparing revisions to the master plan to balance the changing needs of the community while preserving the community values
  3. ‍Recommending land use ordinances as well as revisions to existing ordinances in response to new demands
  4. ‍Providing community planning information and application services to our citizens in a courteous, responsive manner
  5. ‍Interacting and coordinating with surrounding communities, county and state government on issues that affect the Princeton community's well-being
  6. ‍Promoting dialogue with residents on the needs and concerns of neighborhoods, as well as the larger community

The Princeton Planning Board adopted a new Master Plan and Reexamination Report on November 30th, 2023:

2023 Princeton Master Plan and Reexamination Report (PDF)

2023 Princeton Master Plan and Reexamination Report Appendices (PDF)

2023 Princeton Master Plan Individual Elements

1.0 Introduction and Statement of Objectives, Principles, Assumptions, Policies, and Standards (PDF)

2.0 Land Use Plan (PDF)

3.0 Mobility Plan (PDF)

4.0 Utility Plan and Municipal Stormwater Management Plan (PDF)

5.0 Community Facilities Plan (PDF)
6.0 Conservation Open Space and Recreation Plan (PDF)

7.0 Economic Development Plan (PDF)

8.0 Historic Preservation Plan (PDF)
9.0 Reexamination Report (PDF)

10.0 Relationship To Other Plans (PDF)



11.1 Community Survey #1 Report (PDF)

11.Community Survey #2 Report (PDF)

11.3 Open House #1 Report (PDF) 

11.4 Economic Analysis and Recommendations (PDF)

11.5 Bike Network Description (PDF)

11.6 Stormwater Control Ordinance #2020-38 (PDF)

11.7 Stormwater Control Ordinance #2022-05 (PDF)
8 Recreation and Open Space Inventory ROSI (PDF)

11.9 Adopting Resolution (PDF)

Frequently Asked Questions About Princeton's Community Master Plan (PDF)

Planning Director's Master Plan Hearing Recommendations Memo (PDF)

For your convenience, a compressed version of the 2023 Princeton Master Plan and Reexamination Report (PDF) has also been created with a smaller file size and quicker download speed, though quality of maps and images is diminished.

Click here for the 2022-23 Master Plan Engagement Hub.

Department Functions

  • Community planning
  • Development review
  • Land use and zoning changes
  • Preparation/revision master plan
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