Construction Prior Approval Requirements

Requirements for Building a New Single Family Home

  • 2 sets of signed and sealed plans (3 sets if applying for footing and foundation)
  • Construction Permit Application and Appropriate Subcode Technical Sections
  • New Jersey New Home Builder's Registration
  • Princeton Sewer Operating Committee (PSOC) Sewer Connect Permit
  • Prior Approval Signoff Sheet

Requirements for Demolition of Single Family Home

  • Construction Permit Application and Building Subcode Technical Section
  • New Jersey Builder's License
  • Princeton Sewer Operating Committee (PSOC) Disconnect Signoff
  • Prior Approval Signoff Sheet
  • Releases from: Gas and Electric Company, Water Company, Pest Control

Requirements for Additions

  • 2 sets of signed and sealed plans
  • Construction Permit Application and Applicable Subcode Technical Sections
  • Zoning Approval (must show HVAC if adding or replacing)

Princeton Sewer Operating Committee

Please note for additions, if adding a bedroom, you must acquire Princeton Sewer Department sign off prior to applying to Building Department.