Food Insecurity Task Force

The Food Insecurity Task Force represents a coalition of diverse agencies, ranging from local governmental bodies to non-profit organizations and community-based groups, all united by a shared commitment to combatting food insecurity. This multidisciplinary approach ensures a comprehensive understanding and response to the complex challenges associated with inadequate access to food.

The Task Force operates within a structured framework, convening regularly on a monthly basis. These meetings serve as vital forums where members gather to engage in robust discussions regarding the prevailing needs and emerging trends within the community concerning food insecurity. Through data analysis, community feedback, and insights from various stakeholders, the task force gains a nuanced understanding of the evolving landscape of food insecurity.

Due to the rising demand for emergency food support in Mercer County, the Trenton Health Team, in collaboration with its diverse network of partners, has created an application designed to assist individuals in locating free food resources.

The Mercer County Free Food Finder directory comprehensively catalogues meal locations, food pantries, and distribution centers catering to children, families, seniors, and adults in need of assistance. All food resources, locations, and times are subject to change. We recommend calling sites ahead of time to confirm before visiting.

Princeton Food Calendar