Welcoming Week 2023

Princeton is entering our 8th year of Welcoming Week, where we join over 80,000 people around the United States and the world to celebrate and promote inclusiveness, unity and diversity. Princeton's 8th Welcoming Week will be September 8 to 17, 2023.

Welcoming Week is a wonderful opportunity for our community to come together to affirm that Princeton is a place where we want to weave together all residents to be a part of the fabric of our shared future. A future that highlights all of the gifts that our diverse community offers to make Princeton one of the best small cities in America. Organizations and communities bring together neighbors of all backgrounds to build strong connections and affirm the importance of welcoming places in achieving collective prosperity. 

More Information

The Princeton Immigration Subcommittee of the Princeton Human Services Commission, and Princeton Human Services Department are working together to plan Princeton's 8th Welcoming Week. If you are interested in hosting an event for Welcoming Week, please sign up for your event. If you have any questions about participating in Welcoming Week, feel free to reach out to Human Services. Check our website for an up-to-date flyer of events.

Welcoming Week 2023 Calendar

Upcoming Events

Below are the flyers for Welcoming Week events, please feel free to share it with your network, family, and friends!

2023 SR Mosaic, Discover India