Fire Department Organizations

Princeton Fire Department

Fire Department Badge
Mercer County Station 60
The Princeton Fire Department has existed since 1788 as the departmental organization of the Princeton Fire Companies which were operationally consolidated formally into the Princeton Fire Department in April 2011. Today the three Fire Companies exist as organizations for the members of the Fire Department.

Engine Company #1

61 House

Mercer County Station 61

Organized in 1794, Consolidated into the Princeton Fire Department in 2011.

Princeton Hook & Ladder Company #1

62 House
Mercer County Station 62

Organized 1788, renamed "Princeton Hook & Ladder & Chemical Engine Company #1" and later re-named "Princeton Hook & Ladder Company #1", Consolidated into the Princeton Fire Department in 2011.

Mercer Engine Company #3

63 House
Mercer County Station 63

Organized 1848, Consolidated into the Princeton Fire Department in 2011.

Princeton Fire Department - Fire Police

The Fire Police are an organization of Fire Department members who help divert traffic and close roads to create a safe working area for our firefighters.

Princeton Fire Department - Ladies Auxiliary

The Ladies Auxiliary help with non-emergency functions and fundraisers of the Fire Department.

Princeton University Associate Firefighters

The Princeton University Associate Firefighter program allows for Princeton University employees who are trained as firefighters to respond on a Princeton Fire Department apparatus to fire calls in Princeton.

Princeton Career Firefighters FMBA 72

The Princeton Career Firefighters were hired in 2020 to ensure that fire services were constantly available to the residents of Princeton.

Princeton Part-Time Firefighters

Princeton's Part-Time firefighters fill shifts to ensure that the response needs of the Princeton Fire Department and the community are constantly met.