Roadway Resurfacing

2023's Roadway Resurfacing Contract has been awarded to Earle Asphalt Company and work is scheduled to take place on or about June 5, 2023.

The following eight (8) roadways will be resurfaced.



Approximate Duration of Work*

Road Specific Details

Hutchinson Drive

Entire length

3-4 weeks

19 ADA ramps; widening existing sidepath from 6’ to 8’ where space allows

Farrand Road

US-206 to 


1-2 weeks

Excludes all private cul-de-sacs; Breckridge Road, Clarke Court, Scribner Court, Vreeland Court, Beatty Court, Greenland Court, Leslie Court

John Street Alley

RT-27 to Hulfish

2-3 weeks

Adding a raised crosswalk at Hulfish end

Griggs Drive & Billie Ellis Lane

Entire length

1-2 weeks

Excludes all private parking areas; William Livingston Court, Jonathan Dayton Court, David Brearly Court, William Patterson Court

Journeys End Lane

Entire length

1 week


Ridgeview Road

Entire length

3-4 weeks

Adding two parrallel parking spaces and sidepath near Pettit Place

Stuart Road East

Entire length

1-2 weeks

Replacing asphalt sidepath

Wittmer Court

Entire length

3-4 weeks

Storm drainage improvements

* The duration of work is an estimated total number of non-consecutive ‘working’ days (Mon-Fri), conditional upon dry weather conditions.  Working hours for all roadways will be between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

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